MP Pack

(152 customer reviews)


The Microdose Pro Pack contains:

  • One strip of psilocybin (sclerotia) truffles
  • One strip contains six microdoses
  • Each microdose contains 1 gram of truffles
  • Microdosing info card
  • Enough to try it out for three weeks
  • Sealed truffles can be kept 2 to 3 months after delivery when cooled

EU countries: Truffles are 100% legal in the Netherlands and can therefore be shipped to most EU countries under the Mutual Recognition of Goods Principle of the European Commission. Due to our high successful delivery rate (> 98%), we currently have a delivery guarantee for most orders within the EU. Have a look at the “Shipping Information” tab for the details.

Warning: Do not use this product if you are pregnant or have a mental and/or neurological disorder. Truffles are only intended for persons aged 18 years and older.

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What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the practice of consuming a small dose of psilocybin truffles and harnessing the effects for improving your mood, productivity, creativity, or other forms of personal growth. Because you only take a small fraction of a recreational dose, you will not experience any trippy effects or hallucinations. However, the effects on your creative output, intellectual capacity, and general well-being can be substantial. Many people that have incorporated microdosing into their professional routine report an overall better mood, increased awareness, higher levels of focus, deeper flow states, and an increase in creativity and productivity.

Why microdosing?

At Microdose Pro, we strongly believe that psilocybin can play a major role in improving human performance across various domains and that this practice will grow significantly in years to come. In the past years, many entrepreneurs, self-improvement experts, and social influencers have reported the positive effects of microdosing, which has led to an exponential increase in the global interest.

How does microdosing work?

We will deliver one strip containing six doses of psilocybin truffles (sclerotia) to your doorstep. Each microdose contains one gram of truffles.
For beginners, we recommend using a schedule named the Beginner Protocol. For more experienced users, the Advanced Protocol is a valuable alternative. Read more about protocols on the protocol tab.

Who uses psilocybin truffles?

Cave paintings from 9.000 BC tell us that indigenous Saharan tribes in North Africa may have used magic mushrooms. In the meantime, peoples such as the Mayans and Aztecs have used this natural product in religious ceremonies. Statues dating back 1.800 years have even been found in a West Mexican shack, honoring human’s relationship with “Psilocybe Mexicana”. This is the kind of truffle that we also use today. Just this year, Netflix posted a documentary online entitled “Have a good trip”. Creative geniuses like ASAP Rocky, Sting, and Anthony Bourdain zoom in on the recreational, medicinal, and mind-enhancing effects. Because psilocybin has been used for multiple eras, the question is no longer who uses it, but why. Microdose Pro is for the self-conscious performer who wants to hack their productivity, creativity, and mood, to get more out of daily life. Whether it’s on a personal level of self-development, performance at work, or improving relationships with others.


Delivery guarantee

Because of our high successful delivery rate within the European Union (> 98%), we provide most of our EU customers with a delivery guarantee: If your order does not end up at its destination, we’ll send you a new one or refund the total order amount back to your bank account upon request.

* This guarantee does not count for the following islands: Malta, Cyprus, and all of the Canary Islands.

Shipping information

We ship this product within the European Union. Shipping times per country:

Country Carrier Shipping Time
Austria Austrian Post 3 – 4 workdays
Belgium Bpost 1 – 2 workdays
Bulgaria Deutsche Post 3 – 7 workdays
Croatia Deutsche Post 3 – 7 workdays
Czech Republic DPD 2 – 5 workdays
Estonia Deutsche Post 2 – 4 workdays
Finland Posti OY (P4Y) 3 – 4 workdays
France Colis Prive 2 – 3 workdays
Greece Taxydromiki 2 – 4 workdays
Hungary Deutsche Post 2 – 4 workdays
Ireland AnPost 4 – 6 workdays
Italy SDA 3 – 4 workdays
Latvia Deutsche Post 2 – 5 workdays
Lithuania Deutsche Post 2 – 5 workdays
Luxembourg Colis Prive 2 – 3 workdays
Netherlands DHL 1 – 2 workdays
Poland DPD 3 – 4 workdays
Portugal Correos 1 – 2 workdays
Romania Deutsche Post 3 – 4 workdays
Slovakia Deutsche Post 3 – 5 workdays
Slovenia Deutsche Post 3 – 5 workdays
Spain Correos 1 – 2 workdays
Sweden DHL Sweden (P4Y) 3 – 4 workdays
Cyprus Deutsche Post 7 – 9 workdays
Malta Deutsche Post 7 – 9 workdays
All islands (Canary Islands, Madeira, Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca but also Italian islands like Corsica and Sassari, etc) Deutsche Post 7 – 9 workdays

Shipping to islands

We ship to islands that fall under the European Union area, such as the Canary Islands, Madeira, Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca – but also islands like Corsica and Sassari, however, longer shipping times apply. If you’re living on an island, you can expect to receive your order within 14 days, but we do not give any guarantees. Please contact support if you’re unsure about the actual shipping time to your destination.

Delivery information

Delivery attempts: 2
Discreet shipping: Yes (enable this during the check-out process)
Track & Trace: Yes
Sign for Delivery: No
Insured parcel: Yes
Parcel replaced if stopped by customs: Yes
Ship to packing stations: No
Ship to PO box: No
Delivered by: Local postal services

Delivery during the holidays

The holidays are a challenging period for our shipping partners due to the immense volume of packages being shipped every day. We try to do our best to meet the mentioned shipping times, but please understand that delays might occur, especially regarding international shipments. We will provide regular shipping updates for whenever the network does get congested.


Beginner Protocol

The method is simple and easy to follow: One day on, two days off.

Take a microdose on Day 1, and take a break on Day 2 and Day 3. Then, on Day 4, repeat the process and take a microdose again.

So, in short:

Day 1: Take a microdose.
Day 2: Do not take a microdose.
Day 3: Do not take a microdose.
Day 4: Repeat Cycle. Start on Day 1 again.

Do this for a few weeks and notice how you react. How does it affect your creativity, your productivity, and your mood?

It is common to experience some slight after-effects on the day after taking a microdose (Day 2). On Day 3, you will be back in your normal state. Try to feel the differences between each day, and be sure to take notes.

A good way to measure effects is to track your experiences in a journal or a log. This way you can get more accurate and meaningful insights into your progress over a prolonged period of time.

Advanced Protocol

The Advanced Protocol goes as follows: Four days on, three days off.

Take a microdose on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 and take a break on Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7. Then, on Day 8, repeat the process and take a microdose again.

So, in short:

Day 1: Take a microdose.
Day 2: Take a microdose.
Day 3: Take a microdose.
Day 4: Take a microdose.
Day 5: Do not take a microdose.
Day 6: Do not take a microdose.
Day 7: Do not take a microdose.
Day 8: Repeat Cycle. Start on Day 1 again.

As with the Beginner Protocol, it’s important to track your experiences in a journal or log.

152 reviews for MP Pack

  1. Dafne

    I had a very good experience, especially with regards to mood. Pretty sure microdosing (along with other factors) helped me come out of a depressive phase.

  2. Craig

    Less procrastination, more focus and drive, good for hang overs.

  3. Valentina

    This is my first and unique experience with microdose but everything went well,

  4. Darren

    Great product, great company, personal service.

  5. Philip

    Microdose Pro was an interesting discovery.

  6. Philip

    Microdosing has cleared my mind of the small things to focus on the overall picture. It’s helped me to interact better with my kids through play and fun. It helps me to switch better between work head and home head giving me better focus on what  

  7. David

    Staggering to see how your mood changes and energy refills.

  8. Arkady

    I never did something like that in my life. I very like your product approach and design. Its personal and kinda quite (anonymous). So its easy to start for a newbie.
    Keep it going guys, I am your supporter now

  9. Aiden

    Excellent concept that harnesses the latent benefits proven over centuries in these type of mushrooms. A little goes a long way

  10. Maria

    I loved it! It didn’t make me more creative but it was so helpful, i was dealing with anxiety and I couldn’t start my days with energy and microdose changed that for me. Also i was in the best mood and now i think i understand my self better

  11. Dale

    I gave 5 stars as the service and product were of a high standard.

  12. Osama

    Amazing product that works like magic 👍

  13. Kera

    Try it for yourself. It helped me a lot!

  14. Paul

    I started with one third of a gram for the first three weeks and then half a gram from then. I have noticed an improvement in mood, less anxiety, more focused and less likely to dwell on the things that normally trigger depressive episodes. I’m definitely going to continue with this program,

  15. Filipa

    I’ve been struggling with depression for years and was looking for something other than the usual medication. I’ve been reading a lot about psychedelics in depression and that’s why I started my journey with microdose pro. I feel it’s being helpful and I’m looking forward to continue with it.

  16. Nero

    it really helped me being focused on learning and getting up to speed at the new job really quickly.

  17. Catalina

    It’s been 5 weeks and I definitely feel an improvement in my anxiety.

  18. Vytenis

    I’m very happy with your product

  19. Ely

    I think your product is great. It arrives fast and discretely, and I like that the truffles are individually packaged within the strip. Microdosing has helped me a great deal, and I notice it more and more as time passes. I’m almost the end of my strip, and I will definitely be ordering more after I take a break for a month or so.

  20. Mario

    Microdose when you are in a good mood elevate that state and I feel incredible, thanks

  21. Josef

    Great delivery and product

  22. Pang eng

    I have been suffering from depression for a long long time. After starting microdosing, I notice the slight change in my mood 2 weeks later at dose of 1.25g. Will continue for a period to see rhe impact it has on my mental health.

  23. Kelly

    Love it, since using microdose pro i did not have any moodswings or worries. Definitely a great experience!

  24. Susanna

    # Microdosing made me more productive and ironed out the negatives

    It’s hard to describe but microdosing made me more productive and ironed out the negatives

    Certainly helped buoy me up. The information from yourselves was very good

    Reel copy:
    Microdosing made me more productive and ironed out the negatives. Certainly helped buoy me up.


  25. Simon

    Really good product, works great for me, service is excellent. A must try

  26. Serena

    I have a better outlook on life, more positive. It feels like the obstacles that I put in my way to get things done just disappeared so my productivity is higher.

  27. Lisette

    I really did feel a positive change dealing with depression. Though not all gone it felt a lot lighter and my head was more clear resulting in better mood and energy. I really hope that very soon it is not classified as a narcotic anymore in Sweden

  28. Lorrain

    Brilliant customer services and feeling much better after 1st pack.

  29. Anastasia

    Microdosing is helping me now to deal with my low motivation and anxiety

  30. Sietske

    My mood and productivity have improved massively by using microdosing

  31. John

    After the short while micro dosing I would recommend it, no doubt that it has a positive influence on many aspects of life, directly and indirectly.

  32. Heather

    I had such a good experience with microdosing! I was curious to try it out for a long time. I am very interested in the mind, consciousness and our interactions with the universe. When I was microdosing, I felt an overall sense of calm and peace and a huge sense of oneness with my environment. I also felt more at ease and creative! The team at Microdose Pro were very helpful and professional at every stage and were quick and friendly to respond when I contacted them. I have already recommended them to many of my friends, and I ordered my second strip and I am looking forward to continuing this journey. Thank you!

  33. Paul

    I’ve felt myself glowing. Sound weird, but it’s true! Stresses no longer impact me the way they did as an increased mood counteracts that. Musically and professionally, I feel it has helped me navigate writers blocks and my personal performance in the office is a net positive. I’m a BIG fan! 

  34. Merle

    Carefully impressed and very curious to discover more:-)

  35. Iris

    less stress, less tenced while being on my job or anywhere.

  36. Jakob

    I’m happy. You people do good work. I am hooked!

  37. Daria

    Not just the product, but the guide and the community. Very inspiring pioneering project, cool to be a part

  38. Anita

    I am new to microdosing and  
    I was skeptic at first but have to admit, I like the positive effect it has on me!! Definitely will continue with it.

  39. Dawid

    Good experience so far after the first strip, I have noticed improvement in my mood and overall well being

  40. Krister

    Really happy with the first few weeks. I will continue microdosing, and evaluate. I strongly recommend for people to try this..

  41. Linda

    Excellent product, excellent service, I am 67 for your statistics, can’t wait to read more research on long-term use.

  42. Alen

    Great experience and I’ll continue with it. Found my own way for microdosing and it really working.

  43. Lucas

    Honestly amazed by the results, love how you put out a ton of resources for us to tap into so we can achieve our goals with this journey. Keep it up!

  44. Grace

    Communication is great, take what you feel is right don’t overdo it

  45. Judith

    Very nice experience, very amazing.  
    I have never experienced what it feels like in my entire life.  
    I am very curious what it gives in the long term!

  46. Emma

    On the days that i took the microdose, i didn’t feel like doing anything, just enjoy being. I felt like having ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. The days in between, my mood was great and I was productive. Also lot’s on insights, thankful.

  47. Gemma

    My life was handed back to me through microdosing. It is truly the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. I have learned so much about myself and finally realised my own inner strength

  48. Kath

    Microdosing improved my life! I’m not falling into this hole anymore and my improved mood helps me to bring up ideas for my work and studies.

  49. Gareth

    Thanks for keeping in touch during the course. I will more than likely get a repeat dose. Improved my overall mood positively.

  50. Paolo

    Very positive experience. I am still looking for the right amount but the sensation during the day is one of deep relaxation but with sharpness in thoughts. Very productive at work

  51. Raluca

    I recommend microdose for its quality and emotional benefits

  52. Mariano

    The effects are much more subtle than what I was expecting. It is not a life-changing experience, but it really helped me with focus, productivity and mood. I will continue with microdosing. Thanks!

  53. Elizabeth

    I’m happy with the product. Finding the sweet spot takes time but once you are there everything falls into place. I’ll be a long term client now 🙂 thanks guys!

  54. Christian

    It was easier to socialize, improvise and be more creative

  55. Bianca

    To me it has been a fantastic discovery especially for mood related effects. I was in a very bad mood and low energy moment when neither antidepressant had effects. I am really enthusiastic about this experience

  56. Etienne

    I felt a bit more calm and relaxed. On some occasions i felt more secure. Not that like i’m a insecure person but i felt more secure.

  57. Alessandro

    So long so good! On the day I do it I feel my mood and my focus really enanching by the minute. I’m only concerned about possible addiction. That’s why I strictly respect the days off.

  58. Alexia

    I never felt such peace, my brain was silent. I could concentrate on one thing. I have chronic fatigue and I felt really motivated to do chores I usually hate.

  59. Tracy

    I am very glad I found Micro dose pro.  
    I have noticed a great improvement in my mood. I feel happier, less anxious and more proactive since starting.  
    I look forward to continuing my microdosing journey.

  60. Mary

    Have seen a significant gradual improvement in mood after a month microdosing. I really was at rock bottom when I started. Will definitely be continuing. Highly recommend

  61. Jan

    If you have any doubts, forget them! Amazing and safe experience

  62. James

    Great quality product and immediately noticeable effect. Interested to explore longer term results.

  63. Vide

    It has been a quite special ride and at times I felt a little side effects like slight confusion or not being so organized.

  64. Freek

    It helped me focus and be productive throughout the day

  65. Malory

    Quality and value for money is really good. So far the truffles have been very beneficial for me: especially in terms of focus and lifting my mood. Can’t wait to try diffirent protocols to see which one works best for me.

  66. Cristina

    For the first time in my adult life i feel my brain silent and calm. I still have work to do but at least I see a light at the end of the tunnel.  
    I feel a lot of gratitude and a lot of peace. Thanks for existing e thanks to the universe for let me find you

  67. Maria

    Microdosing has been the best self-care product I’ve ever bought. My life has drastically improved, if I had known of all the wonderful effects that microdosing would bring me, I would’ve done it long ago. Thanks for the quality products and the superb customer support.

  68. Silvia

    Apart from focus, it seems to help with my migraine, reducing the frequency of the attacks;

  69. Joanne

    Really enjoying my microdosing journey. Feel happier and more productive

  70. Yulian

    Microdosing helped me with calming the mind.

  71. Peter

    I love it. I feel like I can accomplish a lot even on days where I sleep bad!

    For the record, sleeping bad have nothing to do the with truffles

  72. Yvonne

    I notice a massive increase in my productivity and my ability to focus. My mood is definitely better. It took a few attempts to get the correct dose for me because too much and I just felt tired. But I have it correct now and I’m so glad to add this to my lifestyle.

  73. Marcin

    It is an exciting offering, and I’m surprised by its effect on my mind. I think it’s too early to tell what will be the overall outcome of microdosing on my mind but I ordered two more strips and for now, I’m happy to continue this experiment. I’m grateful that, a company like yours exists and I applaud your efforts to bring microdosing to a wide public.

  74. Angelo Pinho (verified owner)

    Good stuff!

  75. Emilie

    I could not be happier with micro dosing as it fit perfectly with the plan I had to make a few changes in my life.

  76. Lucas

    I think if I could make a summary. It’s just making me make more focused and interested, not only with my work, but also the people of my work life. I don’t know if you’re not in a meeting in all the meetings i was more presence there, um, as more sociable, more open, you know, that, so.

    I’m really satisfied with the experience in general, to be honest, I mean, It’s delivers.

  77. Melody

    We very happy with this experience and grateful. Working with you has been a pleasure your follow up’s and client support has been amazing, it’s hard to believe. Thank you so much

  78. Carmen

    I love my mircro dose pro experience and I have recommended you to many friends

  79. Paul

    finally found a microdosing system that works. it was a true all round much needed boost. after a couple of months its time for a short break, excited about firing shit up again. great customer support too. dank u wel !

  80. Dominik

    I found the service through an ad on social media and got curious as I’d heard of the benefits of mushrooms before. After increasing my dosage, I started to see real benefits in reduced stress, clarity, overall mood, and a sense of appreciation. The packaging is stylish, there’s lots of additional material available, and it’s clear that the founders genuinely care about delivering a polished experience.

  81. Ola

    Fast delivery! Just had two doses so will have to revert about the effect

  82. Mirte

    Since I started microdosing I have been relaxed, happy and productive.

  83. Laura

    The first time, it takes a while to find your perfect dose. It’s worth it!

  84. Ivica

    I am still a beginner and found that right dosing is VERY important. I also did one advanced regime, 4/3 And first day had a lower dose (1/2) gradually increasing it each later day and that worked best for me. The biggest impact is actually on my off days!!! My mood is quite a bit better

  85. Lorraine

    The microdose helped me focus much more!!! It came as a blessing. I finished one month and will keep on trying it for one more 😀

  86. Uzair

    It definitely helped with my articulation that impacts my productivity and somewhat calmness. I’m a guy all over the place.

  87. Kieran

    Thanks for the introduction I’m extremely pleased with the results and an excited to explore it more also the best is great

  88. Daria

    Best decision I made since a long time. My mood improved and I’m lot more focused at work. Thx guys

  89. Patrycja

    I feel much better. I can menage a lot of things during the day. I have multiple sclerosis and thanks to truffles I don’t feel sick. I am more productive and creative. I can highly recommend the product!

  90. Stefan

    I‘m just starting out. Have to develop my habits further. Journey‘s just begun

  91. Sarah

    I recommend Microdose pro for anyone that want to change their days for the better

  92. Gareth

    I find the Microdose Beginners Protocol to be an enriching experience, journaling and reflecting on daily intentions while microdosing has been a very positive experience for me.

  93. Aus

    Thanks for a streamlined experience

  94. Anne

    I am enjoying the benefits so far and look forward to continuing with my journey

  95. Yuri

    When using it, I felt much more willing to work or do any chores throughout my day, my humor definitely improved quite a lot, I suffer from depression and anxiety and it helped improve my mood immensely, recommended.

  96. Felix

    So far Microdose Pro helped my focus and general mood. But I also became kind of short tempered/angry. It seems to unlock, deeper locked feelings. But overall positive experience. Looking forward to unlocking further the positive benefits 😉

  97. Tom

    Im very happy with the whole process. Overall super happy with it all. 🙂

  98. Angelo

    Good product!

  99. Max

    Everything from product to product information and updates thru mail has been awesome. Thank you for doing what you do and shining a light on the wondrous world of microdosing. I’m exited for what’s to come from you guys! Flow strong 😉

  100. Aimee

    This wasn’t my first time microdosing but it was my first time ordering from Microdose Pro. It was recommended to me by a friend who advised delivery was quicker than my previous supplier, which it was. But more importantly, the guidance in the manual was a game changer for me and I’ve now ordered a scales to fine tune my doses.

  101. Bob

    Nicely packed and dosed. Fast and discrete shipping.

  102. Kris

    Hey! Well. I finished my first strip 1 week ago. I bought the starter pack, so I got two and I decided to continue on with the second strip right after.

    I will be taking at least a week off when I am done with this in 2 weeks ^^Its quite neat already and I do feel a boost in my mood, but I feel a big difference when I talk to people, it feels amazing! Also, its easier for me to switch from task to task and stay focused for a longer time, which is good when you have adhd :p Happy thoughts!

  103. Bruno

    Your products and your company changed – and possibly saved – my life. 2 months ago, I actually had my hands on the gun I supposed to buy to end it. Today, I’m living my beat lige and getting better everyday. Thank you is not enough!

  104. Luc

    Microdosing helped me clearing the fog I was carrying around after my depression. After the first dose I experienced a renewed connection with the earth again, felt like I landed. After all doses I can say I am more relaxt, more productive and more creative overall. Thanks for this experience! Will have a regular checkup now and then.

  105. Marco

    Hey Nils and Gino,

    I just wanted to say thank you for the work you are doing. Thank you for going the extra mile, not only by building an awesome brand/community but by personally dedicating yourselves to it and spreading the love. It is amazing, you make me feel more like a friend than a customer. I can tell that you believe in what you’re doing and are not just doing it for the money, which is awesome. The tips are great, the Spotify playlists are out of this realm, and the podcasts very insightful. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to that app, I’m pretty sure that whatever I might think the app needs, you guys already thought of, but I’ll do my part by spreading the word.

    All we need is love

    Wish you all the best and kind regards,

  106. Henry

    The customer follow-up service is great. It doesn’t feel like there hounding you and I actually feel like they want to help. These are little packages of wounded and have sparked my interest to research more into the effects of psilocybin and other fungi.

    There is a lot to be said with these and even my wife noticed a difference in me. I use these to be a better person and to appreciate life that’s the deep answer I can give you. On the other hand I can chop up and mix jungle drum and bass all night and not get bored. These are great for creativity and for positivity.

  107. Annemarie

    I really liked the experience and the service!

  108. Roel

    Still learning how 2 use it in the best way

  109. Gareth

    I can go for hours and my brain can multitask on a dosing day. Microdosing also helps me think more laterally – I come up with new solutions to challenges, or suddenly think of a fresh way of doing something I’ve been doing the same forever. My OCD thought patterns are diminished and I am able to focus a lot more on my work. I tend to enjoy usually “boring” work much more.

  110. Marli

    Microdosing has had a significant and positive impact on my mental health and wellbeing and I can recommend it to anyone! Thanks, Microdose Pro for offering not only a high-quality product but also a supportive experience. Much love <3

  111. Catrin

    This has been a game changer for my mental health in general. Only downside, the doses were very different in size so I highly recommend that you buy a microgram scale to make sure you have a reasonable amount as I was quite effected two of the days due to a too large dose.

  112. Simonas

    It works. For personal reasons i didn’t followed program, i did 1 day microdose and 4 or 5 days off, but my mood improved drastically, productivity as well and it helped me to deal with such mental hit as best friends death… TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!

  113. Andrea

    Microdosing helped open doors to my inner creativity that have been shut for a long time. I can feel positive ideas and projects bubble up in my mind!

    It has strengthened the body awareness as well.

  114. Daniel

    Very glad with first results and ready for advanced protocol.

    I feel me more relax, my concentration is better,

  115. Barbara

    The product is great, unfortunately, 2 of the microdose got mold buy you customer support team handle very good the issue, I would definitely get another package

  116. Bert

    Very good product, very good service.
    Great feeling, I take about 0,5g of the trufles in beginners protocol with the lion mane 2X2.
    Very light buzz, feel happy and more sociabele overall.
    Thank you for this excellent service and product.

  117. olga

    I generally had a positive experience but I would not advertise it for “improving focus”. I did feel the easy from worries and non-clinical anxiety, I could only guess that it worked like antidepressants (I never took any so I can’t judge). It helped me to let go of tensions. However, even though I took 1/4 of the dose, it was not natural for me to concentrate, I felt a bit disorientated. I also didn’t like the effect whilst doing my regular yoga / meditation. Better without.
    The verdict is that I can reccomend it on the free day, when you need to unwind and don’t have important things lined up.

  118. S.

    It helped me to overcome my depression. Using these truffles was pretty amazing. I felt stronger and energy levels went up. It was like having fresh air in my head. Thank you.

  119. Al

    I can say it’s been a game-changer for me. After following the protocol for a while I started having an easier approach to life. I was more excited and proactive: when I had to start a new project, I didn’t feel that initial “anxiety” of getting into a new activity. On top of that my chronic pain improved too. Definitely helped.

  120. Abel

    I wanted to wait a while till I had used it for a couple of weeks before sharing my thoughts.
    The first day I took a half portion and did not feel so much. The second day I decided to go all the way and took my first full portions. This is how my day looked like:
    I made some thea from it and the taste wasn’t that bad. After 45 min it kicked in and I felt really positive and energized. It gave me extra motivation to sport and it felt really good to sport in combination with music. It felt a little bit like a small discoparty. Afterwards I took a cold shower and was extra motivated to work on stuff I normally postpone. I did all my administration and got lots of work done. I have been taking it for a few weeks 3 times a week. I generally notice that
    it gives me more focus, more energy and just sort of clears my mind for new ideas.
    Thank you for the experience! And keep up the good work!

  121. Daphne (verified owner)

    Voor mij was één dosis teveel. Ik kreeg een vette lach kick. Ik voelde me top, maar had zo niet kunnen werken. Gelukkig op een vrije avond uitgeprobeerd. Ik neem nu ongeveer een derde van één doses per keer en dat doet me heel goed! Ik voel rust, focus en minder pijn. Heel blij mee! De service, het contact, de prijs en het product zijn fantastisch. Thanks guys

  122. Daphne

    I loved the handwritten text that was found in the package. It personalized the purchase with micropro. I felt more focused on the days that I was microdosing and felt like I enjoyed more what I was doing on that day. I was definitely more present.

  123. Emma

    On the days that i took the microdose, i didn’t feel like doing anything, just enjoy being. I felt like having ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. The days in between, my mood was great and I was productive. Also lot’s on insights, thankful.

  124. Bob

    Nicely packed and dosed. Fast and discrete shipping.

  125. Lorraine

    The Mircodose helped me focus much more!!! It came as a blessing. I finished one month and will keep on trying it for one more 😀

  126. Marc


  127. Nate

    Loved it

  128. Maureen

    It helped me for my mood, energy, sleep and creativity! Def doing this again

  129. Jay

    I’ve been doing it for a while now. I would say I can feel constant improvement in the mood.

  130. Trent

    Was skeptical in the beginnig but I have to say that the positive effects are outstanding.

  131. Rutger

    Love Microdose Pro, really helpful for my mood, creativity, productivity and focus. It’s a real gamechanger!

  132. Alberto

    The government should distribute this for free for public health!

  133. Chris

    Geweldige service!

  134. Carlo

    Good product. It Really helps with the mood and creativity. Loved the packaging

  135. Rosa

    This was my first experience with micro dosing. It was really successful for my creativity!

  136. Sara

    Interesting effects while concepting and brainstorming

  137. Danai

    Awsome choice for everyone that wants some boost in his daily productivity and creativity

  138. Bruno

    A nice boost for energy and productivity. I Totally recommend it.

  139. soraya

    When in use, Microdose increases my tunnel vision. This product will influence everyone differently… As a person I’m full of ideas, outgoing and bubbly however lack of concentration when needed; Whereas Microdose does that little extra for me, when I have to be productive and sit place on work mode. Regarding emotion, I feel good but I already felt good when taking it, so didn’t feel much of a difference. Overall it did the trick where I needed it, and that was staying in focus. Productivity went like a rocket.

  140. James

    Have been using it since few days now. You can definetly feel something different in your body.
    My mood was positively affected.

  141. Shannen

    As you can see it didn’t work on me in a way that I was more creative or productive. It made me have a better connection with myself and others around me. So it helps me in my own development.

  142. Florean

    Fantastisch dit, een dikke + op het leven!

  143. Danai

    Awsome choice for everyone that wants some boost in his daily productivity and creativity.

  144. Niels

    Doe dit zelf al een jaar, ook geprobeerd met LSD maar dat vind ik net iets te “scherp”. De truffels geven me een meer “grounded” gevoel, meditatief de hele dag door. Zelf doe ik nu een tijdje het Stamets protocol, begonnen met Fadiman de eerste zes maanden dat ik het deed. Stamets heeft mijn voorkeur so far.

  145. Erich

    Loved it! Thanks for introducing me Kai!

  146. Nick

    Super dat dit gewoon kan in Nederland. Top product.

  147. Anne

    Was m’n eerste ervaring met microdoseren, had er al veel over gelezen maar nog nooit de stap gezet. Ik was zeer verrast door de hele ervaring. Ik voelde me een stuk rustiger op de hele dag door en voelde me erg “zen”. Heb echt het gevoel dat ik deze dag veel meer in-tune was met mijn emoties. Heb het nu pas één keer gedaan maar ik ga dit zeker vaker doen en de hele strip proberen de komende maand.

  148. Norah

    Amazing experience, felt more in tune with my emotions the whole day. It shuts up the “I gotta, gotta, gotta” voice for me! 🙂

  149. Kirsten

    Vanochtend begonnen met de eerste dosering. Voelde al direct het effect op m’n body en mind. Een stuk bewuster de dag beleefd, heel erg meditatief zou het beste woord zijn om het te omschrijven. Kon heel erg helder nadenken gedurende de hele dag door en was minder gestresst. Ben erg benieuwd of dit effect weggaat zodra ik zou stoppen ermee. Kortom: Super goede eerste ervaring! Groetjes Kirsten

  150. Bas

    Scoopie erbij

  151. David

    Zit nu op m’n tweede dag en voel echt een verschil in m’n focus.
    Het doet me een beetje denken aan koffie qua focus maar dan met een minder zenuwachtig gevoel. Zou voor mij persoonlijk een heel goed alternatief kunnen zijn voor producten die cafeïne bevatten.

  152. Marieke

    Ik maakte me best wel een beetje zorgen om dit te proberen. Via podcasts en boeken had ik al wel vaker over microdoseren gehoord en dat het een positief effect kan hebben op je gemoedstoestand en je algehele well-being. Maar om het dan toch zelf te doen is een stap verder.
    Heb op Instagram lang met één van jullie gepraat en daar kreeg ik toch een goed gevoel bij en de durf bij elkaar geraapt om het een keer te testen. Ik ben nu 14 dagen verder en om mijn ervaring in één woord te omschrijven: Geweldig!
    Ik meen het, heel erg bedankt voor het overhalen haha, dit waren 2 bijzonder goede weken. Ik kamp al mijn hele leven met negatieve gevoelens en een overactief brein. Op de eerste dag merkte ik nog niet zo veel van de microdosering, maar de tweede dag (dus eigenlijk dag 4, de dag dat je de tweede microdosering neemt), voelde het alsof er een deken van onrust van mijn schouders gleed. Ik voelde me zo positief en goed, heb me in jaren niet zo gevoeld. Ik merkte dat mijn brein meer gefocust was en dat ik simpelweg mezelf niet in negatieve gedachten liet glijden. Het koste nauwelijks moeite. Dus al met al een zeer goede eerste microdosering, ik ga hier zeker mee door voorlopig.
    Misschien een lange review maar ik moest dit even kwijt ???? ????

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